COAST- Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

EVS – European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development

The heart of EVS is work in virtual teams on case studies in sustainable development.

EVS - PosterEVS aims for supporting an international and multi-disciplinary knowledge exchange within the wide range of sustainable development. Students from whole Europe have the possibilities to join this interactive programme. The knowledge exchange and collaboration focus on one of seven key topics and is done mainly by skype sessions.

The students collaborate in form of e-learning-courses and get inside into the practical case studies, international and trans-disciplinary topics and challenges of sustainable development.

The University of Oldenburg is responsible for the case study „Climate Adaptation in Coastal Regions“, covering political, spatial, social, ecological and economic aspects of climate adaptation processes in coastal regions, supply chains for bioenergy or sustainable tourism.

More information: or on our poster (PDF).