COAST- Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

Professionalization program "Sustainability"

Students of all study programs at Bachelor level can engage in sustainability issues. The Professionalization program "Sustainability" provides a special platform for this. This program extends over one to three semesters with a circumference of 6-18 KP. The first module provides an overview of concepts of sustainability and encourages discussion on the subject. In two other constituent modules individual topics relating to sustainability are worked on with a view to research and social practice.

Summer term

  • PB 191 - Aufgabenfelder der Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaft

Winter term

  • PB 132 - Einführung in die Nachhaltigkeit
  • PB 194 - Textilien und Nachhaltigkeit: Mode - Medien - Marketing
  • PB 213 - Aufgabenfelder der Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaft II