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HEC - Hansa Energy Corridor

Setup of a transnational region of excellence in the energy field in collaboration with German and Dutch actors from science, industry and politics regarding various energy-related topics

Purpose and Contents

Various actors from research, industry and politics aim to develop a European region of excellence for sustainable energies, the Hansa Energy Corridor (HEC). HEC includes North-western Lower Saxony, Bremen and the Northern provinces of the Netherlands. The University of Oldenburg is one of eight partner institutes creating Europe’s exemplary region of transnational cooperation by utilizing all societal forces and incorporating the central fields of all in the transition to a sustainable energy society.

Over the past few years, strong energy potentials of international importance have developed on both sides of the border within the Ems-Dollart region. HEC intends to link, extend and unfold these strengths in central aspects. In doing so, HEC relies on a structured cross-border joining of those who are competent in the field of energy, deliver additional energy innovations on a European level and develop cross-border energy systems.

Over the coming two years the project aims to develop and establish the Hansa Energy Corridor as a common Dutch-German energy region and to initiate collaborative projects representing the topic of energy within this region.

The project, which is sponsored as part of the programme Interreg IVa, deals with the following clusters of issues regarding the transition to tomorrow’s energy society: wind energy, bio energy, solar energy / photovoltaic, smart grids / ICT, legal and European aspects of energy, CO2 storage and clean mobility. The University of Oldenburg is in charge of the areas of wind energy and bio energy and responsible for coordinating these topics.


  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Lead Partner)
  • Hanze University Groningen
  • University of Oldenburg
  • Jacobs University Bremen
  • Oldenburg Energy Cluster OLEC e.V.
  • Administrative district of Aurich (representative of the Ems area)
  • Stichting Energy Valley
  • Province of Groningen


until March 2013

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Contact Person

Thomas Klenke (Control)

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