COAST- Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

Working Group "Grünlandforschung"

Grünland (Grassland) - forming the coastal areas and neglected over the last few decades recentlypushes to the center of scientific and societal interest. Aberration in the agricultural sector, climatic stress, development of new industries (renewable energy), surface conflicts and other operations require changes that must be analyzed and converted into an orderly sustainable development of the natural spatial and socio-culturally highly significant grassland.

Scientists at the University of Oldenburg have been dealing for many years with the ecosystems of grassland as well as economic and cultural characteristics of this space. These various strands will now be merged within the University of Oldenburg in the COAST working group grassland research. Together with research groups from other universities and with industry partners we are working o n research questions and development projects in national and international research networks.

Members of the Working Group are:

More people are invited to participate in the working group.

Current research projects are:

The working group is working with many partners from science and industry, among others together over the Grünlandzentrum Niedersachsen-Bremen.