COAST- Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

Business Information Systems - Very Large Business Applications (VLBA)

The increasing demand for sustainable strategies and the success of sustainable investments pressure companies to consider environmental issues on a strategic level, going beyond legal compliance. Management is increasingly supported in this task by Corporate Environmental Management Information Systems (CEMIS). Such systems are targeted at optimising material and energy flows, minimize emissions and waste, and establish production integrated environmental protection. Management requires complex information systems, which have to harmonize economic and ecological goals. In order to deal with this complexity, there is a need for highly educated personnel, which has knowledge in environmental management, technologies, and has comprehensive insight about optimization of business processes under environmental view points.



  • Bachelor degree in informatics, business informatics, industrial engineering, business administration or a similar scientific program

Tuition and fees

  • 750 Euro / Term
  • A two year degree (4 terms)

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