COAST- Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

Environmental Modeling (UMO)

Many activities of environmental monitoring, environmental planning and environmental research deal with huge data sets. I.e., meteorological networks acquire data in cycles of seconds or minutes in some cases with high spatial resolution. Policy making needs prognoses based on this data. Only the use of complex models and decision support systems enables sound prognoses. Many degree programs offer education for data acquisition or data mapping but give less information about how to process and extrapolate the data both temporally and spatially and how to make them available for societal decisions. The master’s program Environmental Modeling intents to close that gap by combining environmental problem solving with economical approaches, together with methods used in mathematics and computer sciences. Research projects at the interdisciplinary CEM offer students the possibility to work within a group of scientists.

Condition for admission
  • Bachelor degree in mathematics or a science disciplince, in business or economics or computer sciences.
Further information
  • Duration of studies: 4 terms
  • Final degree: Master of Science
  • Tuition fees: 500 Euro/term
Language of instruction
  • German with some English



Prof. Dr. Ulrike Feudel
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