COAST- Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

Marine Environmental Sciences (MUWI)

Environmental researchers are in demand who are able to analyze the complexity of systems in the environment and to apply their expertise in environmental management. Along with this, the Master’s program Marine Umweltwissenschaften (Marine Environmental Sciences) offers the needed comprehensive environmental and scientific education with focus on natural systems - offshore as onshore. The ability to connect a wide variety of mathematical and scientific procedures and methods is the main focus of the program which is unique in Germany. Included, along with theoretical study contents, is essential practical training from data analysis strategies to application of powerful equipment for chemical and microbiological environmental analysis. Studies are closely linked to up-to-date research projects of the internationally recognized ICBM.

Condition for admission
  • A bachelor degree in environmental sciences or a similar scientific program
Further information
  • Duration of studies: 4 terms
  • Final degree: Master of Science
  • Tuition fees: 500 Euro/term
Language of instruction
  • German with some English



Prof. Dr. Jörg-Olaf Wolff
Tel. +49-(0)441-798-5343
Room W15-1-106