COAST- Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM)

The master’s program “Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM)” focuses on management training to deliver solid business and economical knowledge with a detailed overview of fundamental ecological and social questions. The acquired skills will be used to implement sustainability in companies, governments or scientific and international institutions. Especially questions of environmental and resource economics, as well as business management strategies for handling ecological and social problems, are dealt with. Through courses in law and the natural sciences, as well as optional modules from other fields (e.g. renewable energies, environmental planning, environmental modeling), a broad educational spectrum is achieved. The program is internationally integrated with partner universities offering similar programs.

Conditions for admission
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in economic, social, natural or engineering sciences or a closely related course of studies
  • Knowledge of the following modules with at least 6 credit points each (two modules can be repeated within the first two semesters):
    • Introduction to microeconomics
    • Introduction to business administration (or a comparable module in the area of business administration)
    • Mathematics for economists (or a comparable module attempting at teaching knowledge in analysis at higher education level)
  • English skills at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Prove of German language skills for non-German speaking students
  • If present, special qualifications in the area of environment and sustainability (optional): Appropriate professional and scientific experience or appropriate internship, relevant specialisation in the bachelor’s degree or appropriate social engagement.
Further information
  • Duration of studies:4 terms
  • Final degree: Master of Arts
Language of instruction
  • German with some English



Prof. Bernd Siebenhüner
Theresa Anna Michel